Policies - X-rays Refusal


Refusal of x-rays to be kept on file.Responsibility for refusal of care is to be documented and kept on file in the patient chart. Patient may choose to refuse diagnostic radiographs recommended by the doctor and staff of Scott L Soderstrom, DDS, PC. Patient understand that diagnostic x-rays enable the dentist to spot hidden trouble areas; such as decay between the teeth and under existing restorations, infection, cysts, tumors and bone breakdown or bone disease, all of which are not visible to the eye. Patient understands the fact that refusal may lead to future dental problems and that the examination received will not be as thorough as possible due to the lack of this diagnostic tool. Patient accepts full responsibility for any such problems, which may arise from refusal of recommended treatment. Patient understands that treatment may not be possible without x-rays and that it is at Dr.Soderstrom's discretion to choose to terminate the patient's relationship with the office and end continuation of care if x-rays are refused.


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